Few weeks ago I had the chance to taste the famous Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup otherwise known as Samgyetang (삼계탕). It’s prepared by boiling a whole young chicken that is stuffed with glutinous rice in a broth of Korean Ginseng. Other herbs and spices such as jujube fruits, gingko nuts, garlic, ginger, wolfberry and Danggui (or otherwise known as Angelic Sinensis) or other medicinal herbs may also be added. And not anywhere but in Seoul at Tosokchon restaurant which was also frequented by Late President Roh Moo-hyun.

Zeama pentru castraveti sau gogosari murati: 4l apa, 1l otet, 400g zahar, 200g sare se fierb cu hrean, boabe de piper si mustar, 1 conservant. Zeama preparata se toarna peste castravetii din borcan dupa care se in inchide cu capac. Apoi pe fundul unui vas mare cu apa (rece) se pune un prosop si se aseaza borcanele. Peste borcane se mai pune un prosop ud si se pune la fiert. Din momentul in care incepe sa fiarba apa se mai tin 30 de minute pe foc.

Va mai aduceti aminte de damigeana de afinata? Mi-am dat seama ca nu am pus poze cu licoarea magica.

Stiu. Te-am obisnuit cu retete simple asa ca pentru a devora 24 de fursecuri ca cele din borcan, ai nevoie de:

100g unt

100g zahar praf

250g faina

50g stafide

100g ciocolata

1 praf de copt

2 oua

2 tavi

Topesti untul la bain-marie adica pui untul intr-un vas mic pe care il pui apoi intr-un vas mai mare care contine apa fierbinte. Cand untul s-a topit, adaugi zaharul si amesteci pana se raceste usor dupa care pui si cele 2 oua.

Am pus de o afinata anul acesta!

La baza acestei licori magice nu sunt altceva decat 2,5 kg afine (domnul de la care le-am cumparat spune ca sunt de pe Muntele Mic), 1,25 kg zahar si buna dispozitie. Se pun in straturi, se incepe cu buna dispozitie, afine, zahar si tot asa pana ajungem din nou la buna dispozitie :))))

Pasii urmatori sunt agitarea zilnica a damigenei astfel ca zaharul sa se patrunda bine cu afinele. Cand acestea au lasat suc suficient cat sa le acopere se toarna alcoolul.

You can do it in Regensburg as well @ Pachamama!

During a very spontaneous road trip to Regensburg – Germany, one of my friends invited me to try some new tastes. We were talking last week about what dish we would like to have and Betty’s answer was YUKA FRITA.

But what is Yuka Frita?  Yuka is a typical South American root vegetable and in this case is deep fried and served with Huancayo sauce. Usually, the root is cut into two- or three-inch chunks and deep-fried in vegetable oil.

Tapas are such a big part of the Spanish culture that there is even a verb tapear, which means "to eat tapas." : )

During my business trip to Spain I went out with my colleagues and I understood that Tapas means not just to eat but sociability, friends and family. I felt like one of their own....  it's a pity that I wasn't able to speak Spanish or Catalan. I'll do my best for next time.  :))) I feel like I have a crush for Catalan but my friends advised me to start with Spanish.