Sunday, March 28, 2010

Favorite cooking themed movies and movies with memorable food scenes.

You’ll see everything from kitchen catastrophes to fortunes made from food.

Julie and Julia 2009 - A culinary legend provides a frustrated office worker with a new recipe for life in Julie & Julia, the true stories of how Julia Child's (Meryl Streep) life and cookbook inspired fledgling writer Julie Powell (Amy Adams) to whip up 524 recipes in 365 days.

Ratatouille 2007 - A cooking twist on the classic Cyrano de Bergerac tale when a rat hides under the garbage boy’s toque and turns him into a celebrated chef. Thankfully, this film is animated, as rats in the kitchen are everyone’s restaurant nightmare. Believe it or not, you’ll celebrate the heroism of this rat pack in the kitchen and may discover a yearning for ratatouille.

Big Night 1996 - The story of two brothers with an Italian restaurant struggling for success against a larger and more popular competitor. Food and its preparation are the art of this film. You’ll see how making an omelet symbolizes brotherly reconciliation, no words needed.

 Stranger than Fiction 2006 - Food may not be the main theme in this surprisingly touching movie, but it plays a key role. A reclusive IRS agent’s heart is turned by a cookie, more precisely a cute baker who shows him there’s more to cookies than sustenance. This scene will have you heading to the kitchen to bake up some good will.

Like Water for Chocolate 1992 - A big award winner in Mexico and the winner of lesser awards around the world, “Like Water for Chocolate” brings the art of Mexican cooking to the screen. Food becomes the outlet for a girl to express her passion for her true love who, due to Mexican tradition, has married her older sister. Her cooking takes on magical qualities, an element no good fairy tale should be without.

 Babette's Feast 1987 - 1988 Academy Award winner for Best Foreign Language Film, Babette’s Feast presents food as an agent for change when a Parisian chef comes to an isolated village in Denmark to cook for two pious spinsters. Don’t watch this on an empty stomach—the final feast of turtle soup, quail in pastry, French pastries, and too many delicacies to count, will have you eyeing your refrigerator.

Christmas in Connecticut 1945  - Cooking takes a lighthearted turn in this classic romantic comedy. Barbara Stanwyck plays a New York food editor who can’t cook. Now her reputation and her job depend on acquiring instant expertise in the kitchen.

 Chocolat 2000 - A single mother and her daughter win over the locals in a rural French village when they open a delightful chocolate shop. Just the window displays will make you long for a truffle or two.

Baby Boom 1987 - Diane Keaton as J.C. Wiatt, leaves the business world of Manhattan to provide a country home for a new baby, an unexpected inheritance. Soon bored with being a stay-at-home mom, she uses her marketing skills to launch a new business, organic baby applesauce. Baby Boom gives us the recipe for success: necessity, passion and perseverance.

Mostly Martha 2002 - The winner of many international awards, Mostly Martha is the original to the 2007 film “No Reservations” starring Catherine Zeta-Jones. Same plot: harried, single executive chef must raise her traumatized niece, run a demanding kitchen for a top city restaurant, and make a little time to fall in love. Lots of cooking inspiration with European flavor, proving food is the way to everyone’s heart.

Because I Said So 2007 - Combine a meddling mother and a stubborn daughter who refuse to see their similarities, and you’ve got the plot of this romantic comedy set against a backdrop of memorable catering scenes. Ultimately, both women experience a lot more than cooking catastrophes, find love and newfound closeness.

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