Sunday, March 13, 2011

Tapear en Ruby,Sabadell y Sant Cugat, Barcelona

Tapas are such a big part of the Spanish culture that there is even a verb tapear, which means "to eat tapas." : )
During my business trip to Spain I went out with my colleagues and I understood that Tapas means not just to eat but sociability, friends and family. I felt like one of their own....  it's a pity that I wasn't able to speak Spanish or Catalan. I'll do my best for next time.  :))) I feel like I have a crush for Catalan but my friends advised me to start with Spanish.

And some of the dishes we had!
Elena and her twin sister Eva will help me to post the recipes.

 We started with this tomato, olive oiled bread. 
 This was the vino turbio, shaken before serving to produce a cloudy unsettled effect which contrasts interestingly with its sharp flavor.

Thank you my friends! hmmm.......    Gracias mis amigos! 
amigos - spanish
amics - catalan
amici - romanian/italian

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